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Dirty Rice Recipe Ground Beef

Dirty Rice Recipe Ground Beef

Dirty grain recipe hamburger is tasty recipe to suit your needs who love beef. It's nice to eat beef with dirty grain. It'll be tasty food to suit your needs who love healthy food choices options. It's healthy for you personally that like dirty grain with beef. Your foods are tasty and healthy. To nibble onto it regularly because it has very tasty taste therefore making you feel healthy. It is not just have you feeling healthy but furthermore lead you to really healthy. This food is a superb food to suit your needs who love hamburger. It'll be your chosen food and favorite menu.

Dirty grain recipe hamburger forces you to healthy. You can look at making it by yourself making the dirty grain recipe and hamburger without worry. The sun and rain are really simple to contained in supermarket. The initial step to complete is always to make preparation for that food. Prepare the sun and rain making formulations the technic of cooking. You will need one lb. hamburger. It is the primary component. You'll be able to have it ready. Then you will acquire one medium onion. One medium red-colored-colored bell pepper is needed. You may also prepare one stalk celery, one package dirty grain as well as the last is 2 portions of water.

The cooking process

You can start cooking the beef in medium warmth and stir it every so often and drain it. Ensure the beef is well cooked with medium warmth. It'll be nice start. And you may prepare the onion, red-colored-colored pepper and celery. Stir the onion, red-colored-colored pepper, and celery in right way. Then blend it with the dirty grain after three minutes, and stir the dirty grain. Stir it prior to the dirty grain toasted lightly. Add water and boil it until grain is tender in seven minutes. That's dirty grain recipe hamburger.

Dirty grain recipe hamburger is wealthy with diet. Every time they visit you healthy and contains well anti body. Dirty grain is low calories foods making you slim rather than get body body fat. Beside it's tasty the dirty grain is low body body fat food.so it's not necessary to become concern yourself with the dirty grain food. It is good menu to suit your needs who've dietary intend to take lower weight. It's nice to suit your needs. You can buy it in supermarket and you may readily available at local store.

source : http://diyhealthyrecipe.com/dirty-rice-recipe-ground-beef/

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